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To Be the Best, You’ve Got to Beat the Best  

Being a boxer takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication, especially if you want to be the best. Tessa Moon at TM Productions has proven herself to possess all the necessary traits as an extraordinary fighter, making her a worthy opponent and trainer for aspiring female boxers. An island girl from Punaluu on Oahu, she has honed her skills for 11 years, working and training with skilled fighters and champions in California and Hawaii to sharpen herself mentally and physically. Her love and passion for boxing has allowed her to reach a level where she’s not just accustomed to winning, but helping others succeed as well.   

Tessa Moon boxing

Trained by the Best

While Tessa spent her earlier years cultivating her athletic skills, she’s been training as a boxer for over a decade, starting at the 3rd Street Boxing Gym in San Francisco. Her potential was clear to former California Bantamweight champion Paris Alexander, who took her under his wing. It was his tutelage that brought her 12 consecutive wins before she suffered her first loss in 2015. Moving back to Honolulu shortly after, she’s trained with Joel Kim at Palolo Gym and has continued to fight her way to the top.

Through her training, she has gained valuable knowledge that she can now pass down to up-and-coming athletes at Palolo Gym, with plans to open her own studio down the road. Though winning in the ring will always be a priority, Tessa really enjoys mentoring young women and helping them find the strength within themselves to succeed.

A Multi-Sport Phenom

Through her athletic endeavors, Tessa has molded her body into a machine fit for just about any sport. She’s participated in a wide range of sports, including basketball, tennis, and karate, learning what it means to be an athlete of the highest caliber. Finding a female boxer with her skills and savvy is difficult, so if you’re looking for a blend of speed and power to show why you’re the best, Tessa’s the female boxer you want to challenge.

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Whether you want to find out for yourself what makes Tessa a formidable female boxer in the circuit, or you want to become her mentee, TM Productions is ready to provide you with the information you need. Discover more about Tessa by calling us today.