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Keeping a sharp mind and body is essential to training like a champion, and Tessa Moon of TM Productions is here to make sure you’re doing everything possible to be the best version of yourself. Since 2008, she’s vigorously trained her body and sharpened her skills in the ring and her background as an athlete began when she was a child, proof of her natural athletic ability. From basketball to karate, Tessa has participated in and excelled in sports, picking up boxing quickly and turning her first 12 amateur fights into victories. She’s always preparing for the next bout while staying active in the community, mentoring young women who are looking to become skilled fighters and leaders.    

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Boxer Profile

Full Name: Theresa Renee Naleilehua Moon
Birthday: 2/15/1984
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5’8”
Walking Weight: 145 lbs.
Record: 16-2 

Athletic Achievements: Tessa received a Division 1 scholarship at Cal State Fullerton for her basketball prowess. She was a three-time all-league selection, including first-team honors her junior and senior seasons while being named first-team All-Metro Conference in her last year. She was selected to play in a Bay Area all-star game as a senior. She also ran one year of junior varsity track and played two seasons of varsity tennis. She was part of the California Golden Gloves. 

2020 Goals: Tessa plans to add flexibility to her competition schedule in order to appear on as many cards as possible this year. Her year-end goal is to go pro by 2021 and she is working hard in and out of the ring to make sure this goal is realized!

Train with Tessa

Whether in Hawaii or back in San Francisco, Tessa at TM productions is ready to train young women and aspiring athletes looking to blaze similar paths. Her boxing profile is proof of her talent, making her the ideal candidate to mentor those looking for a talented boxing coach.  

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Eager and ready to challenge herself, Tessa and her corner at TM Productions are ready to take on any female boxer who wants to step up. Call us to speak with our team and learn how to arrange a fight with Tessa.